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Find real, human copywriters, ghostwriters, editors, and authors. Real people who will understand your project, and write authentic content for your purpose. Small or large projects.

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Are you a real human, or agency of humans, professionally writing words? I'd like to add you to this curated list, to offer your writing or editing expertise to those seeking a genuine human touch for their next project.

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A note from the creator

Hi! I'm Tommy George! I am not a "writer". You can probably tell. 😅

I have nothing in particular against some uses of AI-generated (LLM) text content.

Sometimes it's very useful! Like when I needed some help with ideas for 5-minute bed-time stories for my 2-year-old. Or when I need a really great word calculator.

But, I've made some observations, and heard from some friends — and it seems a service like this one could be helpful.

Some folks just want the assurance that the copy they're receiving has been crafted and overseen by a real person, who cares about the content they're turning over.

So why not have a place to make those connections a bit easier? 🤷‍♂️

No shade. 🫶